Re: Turning Autocompletion OFF in Gnumeric

On Mon, 2010-09-27 at 19:13 +0000, T.Demand wrote:
Is there any way to REALLY turn the autocompletion off in Gnumeric? 
In the Gnumeric preferences, under Tools, the autocomplete check box is 

Nevertheless, when I type something in a cell, it autocompletes. Of course it 
never does this in the way I need it, so I would really like to have it utterly, 
absolutely and totally OFF, but there is apparently no way...

I am using Gnumeric 1.10.1 which comes from the repositories of ubuntu lucid
Thank you

The preference in Edit->Preferences->Tools or should turn off
autocompletion for every _new_ view. If it doesn't do that please file a
bug report with at much detail about your setup as possible.

To turn off autocompletion for an existing view use

(Personally I like to have autocompletion in Edit->Pref off and switch
it on in View Properties in the rare occasions that it is useful.)


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