Re: Very wide SC-format spreadsheet only imports first 256 cols

On Thu, 7 Oct 2010, Andreas Guelzow wrote:

Most likely all that is
needed is to increase that number (in plugins/sc/sc.c) to 512 and

Thanks for your quick reply; yes, that works.

You will loose things like  column width, cell format etc
since their import is simply not implemented.

Importing column width properly would be rather difficult, since it's how many *characters* wide the column should be, and I'd think Gnumeric would want it in some font-independent metric. And most cases SC uses cell formatting for (the big one is displaying the non-integer part of numeric values) modern spreadsheets handle properly automatically. If I were more familiar with C as Gnome uses it I'd write a patch to add a do-nothing function for most "format" and "fmt" "directives" and give a more useful warning message for the rarer ones that aren't pointless, just to reduce the error verbosity. But that doesn't matter.

Again, thank you for your prompt and helpful reply!

Jonathan Lovelace
kingjon3377 gmail com
I strongly support RFC 1855.

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