Very wide SC-format spreadsheet only imports first 256 cols

I have a 343 column by 600 row SC format spreadsheet that I'd like to have in a more modern format. As Gnumeric is the only program I can find that can read SC spreadsheets and export more widely supported formats, I hope to use it for the purpose. (I'm using 1.10.6 on Gentoo Linux, but the behavior I describe below also appears in version 1.10.11.)

When I attempt to open this spreadsheet, it only gives me the first 256 columns, with no error dialogs but with several messages (along with the warnings that the importer left "unhandled" SC's column width, cell format, and UI option "directives") on standard error like this:

CRITICAL **: sheet_cell_create: assertion `col < gnm_sheet_get_max_cols (sheet)' failed

The Gnumeric FAQ claims that it supports more than 256 columns, but the answer to that question says that "you can right-click the sheet tab and select 'Resize...'"

Is there some way to import the whole spreadsheet?

Jonathan Lovelace
kingjon3377 gmail com
I strongly support RFC 1855.

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