Re: First --with-long-double, then _Decimal64!

"JS" == Jeffrey Streifling <jss bulk gmail com> writes:

JS> The one library I could find was something that runs on HP-UX, which I
JS> don't have at my disposal right now.

I found this in my outgoing archives, sent to the ieee 754 list in
responce to a similar request there:

PZ> Does anybody have code to print or read _Decimal64 numbers with gcc?

I beleive the libdecnumber┬╣ library gcc uses for _Decimal (by IBM) has
full support for I/O.  Cf eg decNumberToString() in decNumber.c.

Other than the version in gcc, the version which is part of ICU┬▓ seems
to be the most recent.

1] currently homepage is:


James Cloos <cloos jhcloos com>         OpenPGP: 1024D/ED7DAEA6

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