Re: First --with-long-double, then _Decimal64!

On 10-11-12 12:17 PM, James Cloos wrote:
There is at least one library in the wild which provides everything you
should need on top of gcc's _Decimal64 support.  You will of course need
to add printf/scanf support, cf the "Customizing printf" section of the
glibc info manual for the printf support.

Google should point you at the available libraries.



The one library I could find was something that runs on HP-UX, which I
don't have at my disposal right now.  I could play with customizing
printf in glibc, but there is no way to customize scanf, and changing to
strtoxxx() would require retooling a half a dozen or so plugins
(probably bad).

I'll punt for now.  The best use of effort would be to add decimal
support to glibc.  Once that's done, a decimal arithmetic version of
gnumeric would be straightforward.  Thanks for the help.

Jeffrey Streifling

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