Re: goffice directory permission error

ven, 19 Mar 2010, Brad Hards skribis:
On Friday 19 March 2010 03:42:33 pm bill lam wrote:
why 'sudo make install' not override user umask?  I guess gnumeric
directory have the same issue.
I think it would be a bug if it did. There is no possible way to know whether 
"make install" really means "install this for everyone" or "install this for 
me" or "install this for my workgroup".

So honouring umask makes sense.

This sound sane. I think the real issue rests on automake and
install-sh.  Previously I use automake 1.7 and did not have this
problem.  I suppose the previously behaviour is reasonable too because
I sudo install into /usr/bin but not my home.  The debian automake
1.11 (that I now use) said it is possible to break on some occasions
and allow retaining the early automake versions as alternatives.

Therefore now I think the problem is not gnumeric itself but its
developers may want to check building with this automake 1.11

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