Re: Format, links?

Hi Morten,

Can someone tell me the rule (or point me to a reference), for how
links are formatted in Gnumeric?

What do you mean by "link"?

A new formula is formatted based on the result type we
estimate it will have.  So for a call to PV we assume a
monitary format, for a call to SUM we go look in the
arguments and see if one of them has a format.  And so

As in "Paste Links" from the gnumeric "Paste Special" menu. If I enter
100 in sheet 2, format it as currency so it appears as $100, then copy
and paste it into sheet 1 (Sheet2!$A$1) I have to reformat it again in
sheet 1 as currency. I would expect the format of a 'link' like this
to be the same as the original cell.


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