Re: Input Problems?

The solid cross appears when you insert a sheet object (chart,
rectangle, arrow, widget,...), otherwise, I don't see the behavior you
describe when testing 1.10.6 under winXP.


Le lundi 21 juin 2010 à 07:11 +0000, Scott Ballantyne a écrit :
Has anyone had problems with the mouse using 1.10.6? I am seeing very
flakey behavior. The cursor changes to the solid cross, and I can't
get menus, switch to other sheets, etc.  Keyboard input is fine.

I noticed this first in a spreadsheet, but I can get this to happen if
I just select "About" from the help menu.  After doing that, and
quiting the "About", I am left with the solid cursor.

I thought it was a hardware problem, but 1.9.3 doesn't show this


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