Re: Adding structure, à la "multidimensional spread sheets"

What you are aiming at is a massive project that is somewhat
far removed from a spreadsheet of the kind we have come to
love and hate, occasionally at the same time.

The first question you have to ask is if another program
already exists to meet your needs.  My intuition is that
Gnumeric (etc.) is great for your smaller needs while
something like R should do when your projects get
large and need a lot of structure.  We don't get offended
if people decide R fits their work better.

The failure of commercial products suggests that there
is insufficient need for a product somewhere in-between
Gnumeric and R.

Finally, you have no idea what it takes to bring such a
project to life!  You are going to need man-years of skilled
work and probably significant funding.  I don't see where
you will find sufficient volunteers.


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