Gnumeric as standalone Mac OS X application

Hello list,

my name is Marc Hanisch and I'm a webdeveloper from Germany. I'm new to the GNOME-Marketing-Team and saw that compared to Microsoft Windows there is little progress on using GNOME applications on Mac OS X natively and without X. I'm using Gnumeric and AbiWord on OS X with the help of the MacPorts project, but I think this approach is too heavy for many users.

AbiWord and Inkscape have some outdated Mac OS X diskimages so I'm wondering if should be too difficult to package an application bundle of Gnumeric... As I'm a long time Linux and Mac OS X user I have no fear of starting such a package, but would be glad about some help or hints (for example which GTK+ port used etc.) ;-)

Best regards,

P.S.: do not worry about no answer the next three days as I'm going to have a little trip :-D

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