Gnumeric 1.9.11 released

Free, Fast, Accurate -- Pick Any Three!

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of Gnumeric
version 1.9.11.
This release requires the concurrently released goffice 0.7.11.

NOTE: there are big internal changes for this release and it is more
"experimental" than
most releases.  Distributors should probably not pick this release.
We expect to be
back on track with .12

The most notable changes are:

    * The new canvas in Goffice and now used by Gnumeric and the GUI
feels more responsive than ever.
    * Goffice no longer depends on libglade.
    * Goffice's namespace were cleaned up.
    * A number of sheet functions were added.

Attention packagers: goffice no longer depends on libgnome,
libgnomeui, libglade, and gnome-vfs. (To get the full benefit of this,
make sure libgsf is not compiled to require gnome-vfs and bonobo.)

Attention packagers: please do not ship goffice with equation enabled.

    * Andreas
          o Improve import of ODF functions.
    * Jean
          o Use GocCanvas instead of FooCanvas.
    * Morten
          o Add GAMMA.
          o Fix Insert-Date+Time. [Bug 592545].
          o Fix problem with VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP when both are used on
the same data range. [Bug 593238].

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