Re: where to get gnumeric rpm?

Thanks much.  That eventually got me to <> where I found
sources.  (I don't understand why a search of <> didn't yield
anything.)  Using RPMs is nearly always preferable-- for it makes
package/systems management much easier.  There are sites offering
gnumeric RPMs, but, for me at least, known reputable sites satisfy
security concerns.

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On 10/03/2009 03:12 AM Emmanuel Pacaud wrote:

On sam., 2009-10-03 at 05:46 +0200, ken wrote: 
Just setting up a new (CentOS) system and can't find gnumeric here or
anywhere (RPM for CentOS/RH).  Has it become a secret weapon or something?

If you can't find a gnumeric RPM for Centos, you have 2 options:

- rebuild a src rpm, taken from antoher distribution, like explained in
this thread: centos org/msg05834.html

But it may be hard to get a recent gnumeric version this way.

- or build from sources. I think you will only need to compile gnumeric,
goffice and libgsf, if you install the distribution RPMs of the other
gnumeric dependencies (but I may be wrong, I don't use Centos).


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