Re: gnumeric-list Digest, Vol 59, Issue 21

Hello again Mario and other Gnumeric Gurus:

The spreadsheet and the tutorial that go with it are now published online at The direct link the article is  Once you go the article, you will see a link to the spreadsheet.  If any of you have time and interest, I would really appreciate it if you would have a look at the spreadsheet and try to use solver to derive the Fourier Coefficients in Gnumeric. The coefficients are determined by minimizing the sum of squared error term (cell E2) by changing the coefficients (cells in column G highlighted in yellow). OpenOffice Calc will do it but it takes minutes to converge to a solution whereas Excel converges in seconds. If any of you can get Gnumeric to do this (and show me how) I will be happy to send an addendum to the journal describing how to do the same thing with Gnumeric. Could be a way to recruit a new group of Gnumeric users.



gnumeric-list-request gnome org wrote:
Right. Well. Evidently I should have just tried to answer your question.
I think the problem is with the objective function, creating a non-binding
constraint should not be a problem.
Gnumeric can handle bigger problems than Calc, according to my limited
experience. But Gnumeric can be very picky (for example, when setting RHS
Glad to know you could find a way.

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