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Hi Andreas,

thank you. I tried it according your recommendation but it did not work, neither in Excel nor in Gnumeric. The set union feature seems to be a flop.


On 21-Mar-09, at 5:53 PM, Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:

On Sat, 2009-03-21 at 17:19 -0600, Rita & Klaus Kuhnlein wrote:

the Gnumeric Help says that SUM-Function is Excel compatible. And
Excel declares the Komma as an operator and not as a delimeter of two
arguments. A Komma is a set union operator and a Blank is a
intersection operator. It is not an excuse for Gnumeric when Excel
makes an error. Gnumeric is better than Excel (hopefully)!

But the comma is also an argument separator. With the parentheses you
are using you have passed two arguments to the SUM function rather than
applied the comma operator. If you want to use the comma operator you
need to put in the correct parentheses:

SUM(A1:A2,A2:A3)   here the comma is an argument separator
SUM((A1:A2,A2:A3)) here the comma is a union operator

In Excel you will find a difference between those two expressions. In
Gnumeric the comma operator has some known bugs. Of course this has
nothing to do with whether the SUM function is Excel compatible or not.
It is the comma operator (when used) that is the problem. In your
formula you didn't use it though.

Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow pyrshep ca>

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