Re: ver 1.9.4 use more decimal digits

On 2/03/2009 1:55 PM, Morten Welinder wrote:

We used to use 15 (I think), so we actually used to drop the occasional
bit.  Not Good[tm].  Somewhat embarrassing, in fact.

At least Gnumeric has recanted and vowed to tread the paths of righteousness in future :-) unlike one of its competitors -- for the gory details, see the rather forcefully expressed views of Prof. Kahan in

In case gentle readers of gnumeric-list are afraid that it will be full of arcane theorems, let me tempt them by quoting one paragraph:

How can a user of Excel predict which functions act upon displayed instead of actual values? Which expressions get rounded cosmetically before being displayed? The user’s program cannot be debugged without an awareness of these questions, and an aware user ends up debugging Microsoft’s pious fraud instead of just a malfunctioning Excel spreadsheet. “Against stupidity even the gods struggle in vain.” F. von Schiller (1759-1805)



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