Re: ver 1.9.4 use more decimal digits

After upgraded to 1.9.4. Diff the gnumeric file with the previous

This is deliberate.  We need to store enough decimals to ensure
that the number we had will come back unchanged.  The number
of decimals needed depends on what number we're trying to
write, so we're just using the minimal number that fits all
possible numbers.  Sometimes that gives you those unwanted
.99999s, but that is better than losing precision during a save.
And note, that those .99999s really are the best representation of
the actual number that Gnumeric (or other spreadsheet) has.
If you don't see it, the program is lying to you!  -- ok when you
did not mean those .99999s, but pretty awful if you did.

(I also added information about the number system used to the
file.  That way, when implemented, we will be able to read in
those numbers correctly even when the loading Gnumeric has
been compiled with different precision settings.  No other
spreadsheet, to my knowledge, has that ability when going
through decimal representation.)


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