Re: [function] MINIF

On Mon, 2009-06-22 at 17:27 -0300, Leonel Pereira wrote:
Firstly, sorry for my english.

My name is Leonel, I'm studying in a master degree course at
University of Campinas, Brazil. I'm working with combinatorial
optimization and I'm using the gnumeric to data analysis. 

I'm using a combination between 'if' and 'min' function creating a
kind of 'minif' like 'someif' or 'countif'. For example I put in a
cell the following expression:


This function would create a new set where if the value in Ak, with 2
<= k <=1000, is equal to A1, the set would receive the value
corresponding Bk and the value 10000 in the other case.

I was using a gnumeric version 1.6.3 and this association of functions
was possible, but in the computer of my advisor, the gnumeric version
is 1.8.2 and this combination isn't possible. I tried to use other
gnumeric versions and this association wasn't possible.

Can someone help me? Would be possible in the next update, this
association become possible again.

Hi Leonel,

this is still possible, you just need to enter the formula as an array
formula, that means that when you finished editing it you need to type

please let me know whether this worked for you


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