Gnumeric 1.9.4 "Greased Weasel"

Free, Fast, Accurate -- Pick Any Three

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of Gnumeric
version 1.9.4.

This release is a development release with lots and lots of bug fixes.
Also, this version is considerably faster than previous versions in
three ways: (1) when dealing with spreadsheets containing large farms
of VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, or MATCH calls over the same database, we now
pre-process the database range once and the actual lookups are very
fast; (2) we now only calculate the relevant branch of IF calls,
unless implicit iteration is in effect; (3) large spreadsheets
containing many similar ranges like, for example, A$10:A10, A$10:A11,
..., A$10:A9999 used to hit a degenerate case in our dependency

This release requires the concurrently released goffice 0.7.3. We also
recommend the new libgsf 1.4.11.

Attention packagers: goffice no longer depends on libgnome,
libgnomeui, and gnome-vfs. (To get the full benefit of this, make sure
libgsf is not compiled to require gnome-vfs and bonobo.)

Attention packagers: please do not ship goffice with equation enabled.

    * Andreas
          o Change sheet manage dialog into an instant-apply dialog.
          o Implemented sheet duplication in manage sheets dialog. [Bug 128160].
          o Allow for undos in the manage sheet dialog.
          o Permit lexicographic sorting by sheet names in the manage
sheets dialog. [Bug 527076].
          o Add functional seealso links in the function browser.
          o Allow ranges of censor marks in Kaplan-Meier tool and
multiple groups. Output median survival times. [Bug 558582].
          o Add Log-Rank Test to Kaplan-Meier tool. [Bug 558582].
          o Add the name of the response variable to the regression
tool output. [Bug 400019].
          o Fix critical when printing. [Bug 568991].
          o Update ucs usage when exporting to LaTeX. [Bug 569476].
    * Henry Law
          o Fix dependency problem with constructed ranges. [Bug 562363].
    * Hib Eris
          o Fix problems with toolbars when no handle bar present. [Bug 559249].
          o Fix problems with formats. [Bug 559291].
    * Jean
          o Fix crash when exporting an empty contour plot to .xls.
[Bug 557027].
          o Add widgets in the graph guru first page to allow finer
selection of data.
          o Fix labels length for charts generated by the histogram
tool. [Bug 552721].
          o Fix loss od new graphs when clicking on an existing sheet
object. [Bug 151789].
          o Do not export invalid AXESUSED data to .xls. [Bug 567783].
          o Fix export of simple data to xls graphs. [Bug 567930].
    * Jody
          o Display top-left when selecting a rel ref to a merged region.
          o Win32 fixed.
    * Jon Kåre
          o Work around vulnerability in Python. [Bug 569648].
          o Improve encoding detection on html paste. [Part of Bug 564166].
    * Lutz Mueller
          o Enable drag of whole sheets to other applications. [Bug 523033].
    * Morten
          o Fix XLS import crash. [Bug 557077].
          o Fix problem with auto filter after column insert. [Bug 557237].
          o Fix undo problem with auto filters. [Bug 557591].
          o Remove the effect on an auto filter when its column is removed.
          o Plug leaks.
          o Remove the effect on an auto filter column when removed.
          o Fix RANDDISCRETE crash. [Bug 557682].
          o Fix SUMIF issues. [Bug 557782].
          o Fix LOOKUP critical. [Bug 559005].
          o Fix GROWTH/TREND crash. [Bug 559363].
          o Make non-gnome the default. [Bug 558840].
          o Disallow deleting last visible sheet. [Bug 557153].
          o Merge the sheet tabs into the status bar. [Bug 561733].
          o Fix crash in multi-view mode. [Bug 562053].
          o Introduce explicit () on parsing -2^2. [Bug 115941].
          o Fix inter-process paste crash. [Bug 556561].
          o Plug leak in TRIMMEAN.
          o Plug leak in RANK.
          o Plug leaks in ssindex, ssgrep, and ssconvert.
          o Fix export of Gnumeric-specific patterns to xls. [Bug 564078].
          o Improve guess of csv parsing parameters. [Bug 498912].
          o Fix problem with saving huge values. [Bug 552464].
          o Dump information about number system into xml.
          o Improve sc import. Not sure why. [Bug 564495].
          o Fix date overflow problem. [Bug 564502].
          o Fix XLS import critical. [Bug 564499].
          o Sanitize error cases for DAY, MONTH, YEAR.
          o Fix column-split problem with fixed-width stf import.
          o Fix problem with deprecated gtk+ stuff in glade files.
          o Fix xls export problem generating extra ()s. [Bug 567380].
          o Constify usage of GOFormats.
          o Fix inconsistentcy in searching with respect to formats.
          o Fix issue with BASE. [Bug 567252].
          o Fix XLS import criticals. [Bug 567823].
          o Don't evaluate both branches of IF. [Bug 326595].
          o Fix undo crash for inter-workbook operations. [Bug 568634].
          o Fix crash and criticals in dbf import. [Bug 568454].
          o Fix colour problem in LaTeX export. [Bug 568860].
          o Fix loop while loading lotus file. [Bug 568917].
          o Fix performance problem in dependency tracking given large
number of large ranges. [Bug 567389].
          o Fix VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP for bools.
          o Fix problem reading slightly-corrupted dbf file. [Bug 568454].
          o If we overflow the sheet tab area, put list in context menu.
          o Fix ods load crash. [Bug 568994].
          o Use caches for bisection cases of
VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP/LOOKUP/MATCH too. Fix issues with bools versus floats.
          o Fix parsing problem for constructed ranges. [Bug 569730].
          o Fix plugin menu merging. [Bug 569724].
          o Improve handling of 3D ranges. [Bug 569372].
          o For VLOOKUP and friends, do not turn empties into zeroes.
[Bug 567389].
          o Implement MATCH for wildcards. [Bug 570139].
          o Fix problem with functions docs in locales without
encoding information.
          o Work around a ODF spec. problem in OOo import. [Bug 570890].
          o Advertise fewer aliases for text/csv. [Bug 571073].
          o Fix Windows extra-Gnumeric paste problem. [Bug 564166].
          o Fix csv import problem with "-OINK". [Bug 571129].
          o Make sure ()s do not take up stack space during eval.
          o Make dependency debug output a little easier to read.
          o Warn when we drop csv rows. [Bug 571603].
          o Fix SERIESSUM.
          o Fix xls export of SERIESSUM. [Bug 572127].
          o Disable non-functional corba plugin. [Bug 572356].
          o Handle GTK+ deprecation issues. [Bug 572240].
          o When ssconvert-ing a single-sheet workbook, don't complain
the exporter can handle only a single sheet. [Bug 572448].
          o Fix xls crash for bogus file. [Bug 572515].
          o Fix OO import issue. [Bug 568010].

Goffice 0.7.3 aka "TBD" is now available.

    * Emmanuel
          o Experimental support for equation using gmathml. Disabled
by default, as no release of gmathml exists yet. Source code of
gmathml can be retrieved using the following command: git clone
    * Halton Huo
          o Add --without-long-double option. [Bug 557045].
    * Jean
          o Fixed various regressions in contour plots.
          o Add XYZ series based contour plots.
          o Drop the libgome dependency. [Bug 558709].
          o Made spline interpolation really use Bezier cubic splines.
          o Add closed Bezier and cubic spline interpolation.
          o Make drop lines go to the axis instead of chart bottom (or left).
          o Make possible to add an application specific custom widget
to the graph editor.
          o Fixed critical in graph_typeselect_minor. [Bug 567931].
          o Fixed crash when adding series to bar chart. [Bug 572354].
    * Morten
          o Plug leaks.
          o Fix memory corruption issue. [Bug 561708].
          o Fix problem with formats like "0.0E-00". [Bug 563601].
          o Put the old 29-Feb-1900 problem to rest.
          o Fix fd:// uris after lobognomification.
          o Fix doc build with respect to the mathml stuff. [Bug 572483].
    * Pedro Fragoso
          o Clean up glib includes. [Bug 564021].


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