Re: Print preview and setup in Gnumeric for Wwindows


I reluctantly tried to open it with my current PDF printer (CutePDF), but did not work.

Actually we can generalize from you answer: is there any application that can open Linux-like .emf files? I googled some, but there are some Windows-like .emf-s open that totally take the scene.


On Mon, 24 Aug 2009 20:56:24 +0300, Felipe Castro <fefcas gmail com> wrote:

Maybe if you install a kind of PDF printer (PDFCreator), you could
live with this...

Felipe Castro.

2009/8/20, andtiut gmail com <andtiut gmail com>:

Hi guys,

I have tried to preview the printing of a spreadsheet in windows.

It took me a while to realize that this is not native in the G and you
actually need another application to open a separate .emf file.
But I could live with that if i could [....] have such application. Evince recommended by the manual is not ported to Windows. irfanview is supposed to
open .emf files and it does, but not those created by Gnumeric.

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