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Also, under file, there is a Print Area section where you can set or clear the print area.

If you just want to print a specific area, select it, then go and set the print area to your selection.

Then in Page setup, in the Scaling tab, you can use Automatic scaling to make it fit to the number of sheets you specify.

Hal Ashburner wrote:
mawk wrote:
set up gnumeric for my parents to use as spreadsheet functions on their computer and for myself...everything works !!! However : when we print the spreadsheet all the cell inputs and sums show up.. We do not see the actual grid lines of the columns or rows ????- the entire page prints, but with no seperating lines showing..

Hi Mawk,
In the file menu, select "Page Setup"
Click the "Sheet" tab
About a third of the way down, under "Print" Check the box next to "Grid lines"
This will make the separating lines show.

All the best,
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