Solved: Re: chart either does not work or is not intuitive

John Machin wrote:
Ralph Shumaker wrote:
Jean Bréfort wrote:
Le jeudi 04 septembre 2008 à 17:16 -0700, Ralph Shumaker a écrit :
I have wasted several hours now.  I haven't tried to set up a chart
many years.

I have 3 different programs that can do charts, and every one of
them is
doing the same brain-dead mistakes.  So, I must come to the conclusion
that the way I used to do it must have been in some outdated
program and
does not work any more.

I have a small set of data that I'm trying to set up a chart to
display.  It's small enough that I can just give you the data.

If you see this email in a fixed width font, you will see it as I
present it:
 Date   act1  act2  act3  act4  act5    acctTot   act6
070615  2605     0     0   737     0   =sum(b:f)   300
080110  1504     0     0  1564     0   =sum(b:f)  1500
080229  1280     0     0  2657     0   =sum(b:f)  2350
080305  1280     0     0  2657     0   =sum(b:f)  2450
080310  1280     0     0  2657     0   =sum(b:f)  2650
080330   825     0     0  2657     0   =sum(b:f)  2850
080830   194     0     0   235     0   =sum(b:f)  3406
090705     0     0     0     0     0   =sum(b:f)  4000

In the above, =sum(b:f) is abbreviated, but on line 2 is actually
=sum(b2:f2) and on line 9 is =sum(b9:f9), with like progression
them.  Also, the final date is just a final line set far enough in the
future that I can insert rows as I get new data.  Inserting takes care
of formula expansion, whereas adding a row makes me have to track down
all formulas that need to be adjusted to include a new row.  It's like
if I were to insert a column between b and c, the formulas in g
to h) would then say =sum(b:g) without me having to lift a finger.  I
remember doing this with previous charts, inserting new data and
successfully see the chart adjust itself.

I don't know why I cannot get the dates (erratic as they are) to by my
X-axis, columns b thru h to be data lines, and the amounts to be my
Y-axis.  I even tried changing the dates to simple numbers, 1 thru
8. The charts that would come up were just astoundingly
disconnected from
what it should have been.

For example, the first data point on the line for act1 should start
on the far left (at date 070615) at a height of 2605 of a total chart
height of 0 to 4000.  Ideally, at the appropriate distance from the
side should be the second date, 080110, where the second data point
the line of act1 should be at a height of 1504.

Perhaps someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Which plot type are you using?
Can you provide a screenshot of what you get?

I tried every plot.  None gave me what I wanted.  I took screenshots of
each of them and uploaded them here: N07/

I didn't feel it would be appropriate to upload them to the entire
gnumeric mailing list.  Anyone interested can click the link.

Thank you for sparing the entire mailing list ... only 10 more images
and you'd have matched Heinz's 57 varieties. It looks like a CAPTCHA
test. Bzzzzzzt! Are you a bot? Tell your programmer this:

Pie, Polar, Radar and Ring:
Not quite the right thing.

You need "XY". See attached.

(no longer attached)

Thanks to all who responded.

It turns out that not all the necessary fields were being filled in
automatically when the charts were being generated.  But going under the
hood of the chart John sent me, I was able to see what needed to happen.

White Hole possibly the source of the cosmos (as opposed to Black
Holes). Interesting idea and its author welcomes others to replace his
model with better ones.

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