Re: wrongly start in edit mode

bill lam wrote:

On Wed, 26 Nov 2008, txtedmacs wrote:
What version of Ubuntu?  Using 8.04.1 with all the current updates, I  

I use Ubuntu 8.10 amd64. 
I compiled from 1.8.3 source and the same mis-behavior. 

But my config might be a little bit weird since I un-install
gnome-desktop and use dwm as desktop.  gnumeric is compiled with
  ./configure --prefix=/bin --without-gnome

Your setup, etc. is much more sophisticated than mine, i.e. compiling from source and using a non-standard windowing system.   Moreover, I would guess you have far more experience than I using Gnumeric, hence, with that understanding I would only ask if you had tried a standard package via synaptic to see if it exhibits the same behaviour?  If, as I suspect, the standard package works you will have to discuss your choices on configuration and/or compiling with those having more experience on this mail list.

More as a last resort, you could join  (Canonical's) Launchpad.  However, let me warn you at the onset it focuses upon Ubuntu itself.  Hence, help for a third party application has low probability of ‎eliciting a useful response.  Nonetheless, if you focus on the windowing system and have some patience you might get lucky.  So if you are forced to take this avenue focus on the latter not on Gnumeric.

I wish I could be more helpful.  [This machine is running an AMD chip, however, a 2600+ XP that is only 32bit.]

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