Re: Another try to get a response

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain these things to me.  I just did not know why we were having a repeat difficult time.
Just as an additional piece of information, of the some 400 students I have taught, and encouraged to use Gnumeric, to the best of my knowledge, not one has successfully installed version 1.8.x.  I and many others have successfully installed version 1.9.1, simply because it is highlighted (and a compiled version) on the "Getting Gnumeric" page.  EVeryone else still uses the portable version 1.6.3, simply because we are able to simply transfer from disk when needed.
Please understand, my plea is because I want to see success for Gnumeric, including integration with "R" .If people cannot find the starting blocks, we cannot grow as we should.
Again, thank you for your effort.  Perhaps I will just stick to distributing Portable 1.6.3 until the formal release for windows is done. 
Please express my gratitude to anyone else involved with this wonderful project.  My part is that I can help get it in the hands of thousands of people in my profession.
Finally, remember, new strings can stretch and go flat.  At least that what happened to my cat-gut violin strings in Jr. high!
George Dell
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> Hey,
> okay, your criticism has been registered. When the volunteers that be
> finally make a formal release for windows, then we can revisit the issue
> of how that release is presented to the not-yet-techno-savy on our page.
> Until then, we can discuss until our fingers hurt without getting
> anywhere: i'd rather hurt my fingers on my new guitar strings,
> cheers,
> --adrian

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