ssconvert: how to change text exporter parameters from CLI

Hello! This is my first post to list.

I need to convert an xls file to text file, from console (cli) because I'm trying to automate a process. I found that only ssconvert (from gnumeric) really fits my needs, because it's able to keep the original format of each spreadsheet cell.

My problem is the following:

I need to use the text exporter which is configurable as man page said. But I can't find documentation on how to configure the exporter parameters. By gnumeric GUI I know they are parameters like: end of line, separator, quote, format (auto, preserve). I tried using gui and it was able to export to txt in the format I want. So I like to do the same from cli with ssconvert...

I tried ssconvert as follows:

ssconvert -E Gnumeric_stf:stf_assistant myFile.xls myFile.txt

But I need to change some parameters, at least separator, encoding, and format.
I didn't find that how to do that in the man page.

Does anybody knows how to pass those parameters or where to find info about?

Thanks in advance,

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