RE : problem when parsing csv data

Title: RE : problem when parsing csv data

Thanks for your answer.
That was indeed a locale problem.
Now I can run gnumeric with environment variable LC_NUMERIC=C to load data directly.


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Date: ven. 10/31/2008 2:08
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I'm supposing you are running gnumeric in fr locale. If it is the case,
you should use the "Advanced" button in the open file dialog, choose
"text import (configurable) as file type (french: "Importation de texte
(paramétrable)"), and go to the last page of the guru where you can
choose the locale for the file ("C" locale is appropriate for your


Le jeudi 30 octobre 2008 à 16:57 +0100, pierre kestener a écrit :
> Hello,
> I found that a simple csv file containing floating-point values is not
> correctly parsed by gnumeric.
> example csv data file:
> Xsrc,Ysrc
> -1.65956,9.9437
> 16.4,-10.43
> 1.234,6.943
> data B2 is parsed as 9/9437 instead of 9.9437
> Can i force gnumeric to parse data as floating-point value ?
> Is this a bug or missing feature of the csv parsing routines ?
> Am i doing something wrong ?

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