Re: Incorrect Function Description for AVERAGE function?

Hmm, which version and which OS?
Most probably, the plugins are disabled, (which should not be the case
for a fresh new install). Go to the Tools/Plug-ins... menu, and enable
all functions, things should work.


Le dimanche 18 mai 2008 à 00:13 -0700, Ex-excel51 a écrit :
total newbie here, so please excuse me if I am posting something that seems
covered already or whatever. I tried a quick review & search & found no

I just tested a spreadsheet with a few numbers in a column, tried to insert
the AVERAGE function and got a error message, when I looked at the Function
Selector, for average it says, "Incorrect Function Description". How can I
fix this??? Almost ALL functions have same problem... Exceptions: Bixtor,
gnumeric_version, ithprime, nt_phi, nt_pi, nt_sigma, opt_*, product, sum,
and that's about it!! 

Please help - direct replies to mdiaz451 hotmail  nospam .com are welcome- 
Should I report this to Supreme Gnumeric headquarters or something?? thanks

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