Re: Python interface available outside Gnumeric Python console?

nick savs net wrote:
Johann Rohwer wrote:
Is the Python interface to Gnumeric workbooks (as accessed by "import Gnumeric") available as a stand 
alone or do I have to access it through the Gnumeric Python console?     

I've had a quick email exchange with Jody and am going to start some work hopefully leading to a Python API 
for the complete Gnumeric object model.

Update: My day job has been really stressful and hectic for the last month or two... apologies for the lack 
of output. I'm still mad keen to get something useful going. I've got piecemeal notes on my experiences 
generating low level bindings for some simple Gnumeric headers and a rough order of which headers to 
tacklewhen, based on their dependencies and some guesswork. Is there a wiki where Gnumeric notes are kept?


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