Simulation Analysis in the User's guide - review needed

I have been working on documentation for the Simulation tool for the User's Guide.  It is pretty rough right now, but it needs a technical review.  What is here is what I have figured out through trial and error, and some diving into the interface and code, but it would require a minor miracle for there not to be outright errors in here.  Is there someone who understands the simulation part of Gnumeric well enough to review?  Adrian Custer is aware of this, and the intent is for this to be added to the docs when complete.

It has the following sections:
6.5 Simulation Analysis
6.5.1 Introduction to Simulation Analysis
6.5.2 Setting up Simulation Model
6.5.3 Running the Simulation
6.5.4 Simulation output
6.5.5 Using SIMTABLE
Currently, there is an document, and a Gnumeric spreadsheet that was used to create the examples and I can send those to whoever reviews this.  As I was learning as I went, the screenshots will be redone once the text and example workflow is settled.  I do not expect to be touching this again for about 2 weeks (wedding and honeymoon!) so there would be time for the review.

Thank you for your help.


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