Re: bad file

Le samedi 07 juin 2008 à 14:16 -0400, Prof J C Nash a écrit :
I've put a sanitized file at

I didn't try this on my laptop, which has suffered enough today, but did 
try loading in a Virtualbox instance of Ubuntu Hardy with Gnumeric 1.8.2 
(the Hardy default) installed. This actually loaded the file, but I then 
had to "Force quit" Gnumeric. Tried twice to be sure.  So it has at 
least some nasties that a likely worth investigation.

I could load it but it is very slow and I get a lot of:

ERROR: meta.c (179): wmf_header_read: this isn't a wmf file

** (gnumeric:30559): WARNING **: Error scanning WMF file


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