Re: Chart size setting

Le mardi 08 janvier 2008 à 15:55 -0500, Ali Erkan a écrit :
Hi everyone,

I am in the process of creating numerous charts for different regions of 
a spreadsheet. For reasons that are mostly insignificant to this email, 
I need each chart to be identical in size. That is, the mouse based 
sizing is not good enough since I am always off by a few "pixels". Is 
there a way to specify the size of a chart in absolute terms (as in, for 
exampe, 3 inches by 2 inches)?

AFAIK, you can only align the charts on cell boundaries. If the cells
have equal heights and widths, you will obtain identical sizes when
using the same area size.

 Also, is there a way to make a chart be a 
sheet in the spreadsheet (as Excel can do)?

Not at the moment.


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