gnumeric XML doesn't show result of formula

Here's the results of a little experiment (start up the UI, type =sqrt(2) into cell A1, save as ...) for a few varieties of XML spreadsheet file formats:

[my comments in [], whitespace adjusted by me]

Excel 2007 .xlsx file:
<c r="A1">
   <v>1.4142135623730951</v> [OK]

Excel 2003 "Save as XML Spreadsheet":
<Cell ss:Formula="=SQRT(2)">
   <Data ss:Type="Number">1.4142135623730951</Data> [OK]
</Cell> Calc 2.x .ods file:
<table:table-cell table:formula="oooc:=SQRT(2)" office:value-type="float" office:value="1.4142135623731"> [only 14 digits of precision]

Gnumeric [1.6.3, Windows] .gnumeric file:
<gnm:Cell Col="0" Row="0">=sqrt(2)</gnm:Cell> [no result at all]

Bug or feature? Is it fixed in the 1.8.1 release?


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