Re: scm-like change tracking in gnumeric

Brandon Casey wrote:
txtedmacs wrote:
Perhaps I am unsophisticated, however, my question is why duplicate what 
is done better and more efficiently in a version control system?

I don't think I understand you.

In order to use a version control system, I cannot use a spreadsheet.
Well, I can, but it doesn't get me anything more than just making
copies of the spreadsheet.

  $ <new spreadsheet>
  $ <edit>
  $ save my_algorithm.gnumeric
  $ <edit adjust algorithm to handle case 2>
  $ save my_algorithm_with_case2.gnumeric
  $ <edit add second algorithm>
  $ save my_algorithm_with_case2_plus_alg2.gnumeric

or some such. You could even add a version number in the name to encode
some progression.

Now I understand your problem a bit better.  Indeed, it turns out the "unsophisticated"  was more apropos than I thought during composition.  My use of spreadsheets is much less intense than than most here, hence, keeping a copy suffices for my personal use.  [I don't bother with storing them in a vcs, despite my long term interest in such systems.]

If it is needed by a significant fraction of the elite users, I will not complain.  I would, however, prefer to sees its addition be as modular as possible so those such as I can drop the package when we have no need.  Sorry for the excess levity, I have been using Gnumeric to record some of my tax records.  The experience left me just of bit more zany than my usual state.  My apologies.

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