Re: Printers are randomly producing black boxes instead of entries

On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 03:41:11AM -0800, Izildur wrote:

Hi everyone.

I have been searching for quite a while but I couldn't find an answer, so
maybe someone of you can help.
When I am printing Gnumeric tables, i am getting black boxes instead of cell
entries. Usually there are some fields correctly printed and some black
boxes. Also in the print preview there are black boxes, but they are not
always in the same fields as on the printout. I experienced this on
different computers and different printers. I am using the latest windows
build of Gnumeric (1.7.12).
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Is this under windows ?  There is a known bug where each character
is printed with a black background for some reason.  It's somewhere
down in cairo but we have not been able to track it as yet.

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