Re: Customize Chart needs love before release

On Sun, 2007-28-10 at 22:39 +0100, Emmanuel Pacaud wrote:
Le dimanche 28 octobre 2007 à 22:28 +0100, Emmanuel Pacaud a écrit :
Le dimanche 28 octobre 2007 à 23:03 +0100, Adrian Custer a écrit :
So you seem to be aware that with a mouse drag, I can drag the chart to
Y=199.3%. To a naive user, it sure looks like I lost my chart to the
point that even on the spreadsheet, it's invisible. If that's what you
want, great.

No. At least it's a precise point we can discuss.

In this case, I guess we need some changes in the way the graph is
rendered in the editor dialog: to not restrict the rendered region to
what is seen on the sheet view, add scrollbars and probably some zoom

Does it sound ok ?

Another approach would be to restrict the chart area to the graph one.
But I'm not sure that's something we want. That's why it's currently
possible to move a chart outside of the visible area (and not a lack of

Why would I want to be able to move the chart outside the visible area?


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