Re: Customize Chart needs love before release


Sorry you are taking negatively to my tone. I'm probably going too

So you seem to be aware that with a mouse drag, I can drag the chart to
Y=199.3%. To a naive user, it sure looks like I lost my chart to the
point that even on the spreadsheet, it's invisible. If that's what you
want, great.


On Sun, 2007-10-28 at 21:48 +0100, Emmanuel Pacaud wrote:
Le dimanche 28 octobre 2007 à 20:56 +0100, Adrian Custer a écrit :
playing around with charting, trying to see what is new.

Double click on a chart ==> Customize chart appears

In the top right part of the dialog is a preview which helpfully lets us
mess around with the pieces. However, it has not been even slightly bug


I appreciate your review, but not really the tone.

I've now got it to display nothing (all grey) despite having
two charts in there. One is off screen (unrecoverably);

Nothing is unrecoverable, all position parameters are also available in
the property notebook.

 the other is
inverted inside out and therefore apparently not drawn. Before you
enable this functionality *please* have at it a bit to make sure users
don't lose their charts.

Users won't loose their charts. 

Sure the chart editor needs some love. And I'm actually spending some of
my evenings trying to improve the situation. Rants like this one won't
help. Bugs with test case will.


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