Re: Fill down with gnumeric-1.7.x

I meant 1.7.x the current devel branch as the subject states.
gtksourceview is a dependency of libgnomedb-3.1.1. Are there plans to
port libgnomedb-3.1.x to gtksourceview-2?

That would be a question for the libgnomedb people.

Finally what is the status of odf format?

The odf format still does not specify the syntax and semantics of
formulas. Hence implementation is not really possible.  As far as the
spec is concerned,  I could make Gnumeric write perfectly valid odf
files that no-one could read.

In practice we have to ignore the spec and take odf to mean "whatever
open office writes/accepts" much like xls is "whatever Excel

I would like to use gnumeric
over OO but I work with odf files.

We don't do too badly on the read side, but you are better of
interchanging data in xls format.


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