Re: Fill down with gnumeric-1.7.x

On Sat, 2007-10-13 at 20:18 -0400, Morten Welinder wrote:
On 10/13/07, Louis E Garcia II <louisg00 bellsouth net> wrote:
I need to do fill downs of rows every day on my sheets. I didn't see
this option. Does it exist with gnumeric-0.7.x?

There is no Gnumeric 0.7.x and never was.  1.7.12 is current.

There are several different fill down operations:
1. Select the cell you want to copy.  Then click the little square in the
    bottom right corner.  That fills the entire column down to where the
    column on the left ends.

2. Ditto, but drag the little square as far down as you want.

3. Select the cell you want copied into and press Ctrl-D.

Also I noticed 0.7.x requires gtksourceview-1. Anyone working on porting
to gtksourceview-2?

There is no such dependency for Gnumeric.


I meant 1.7.x the current devel branch as the subject states.
gtksourceview is a dependency of libgnomedb-3.1.1. Are there plans to
port libgnomedb-3.1.x to gtksourceview-2?

Finally what is the status of odf format? I would like to use gnumeric
over OO but I work with odf files.


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