Re: delete double entries, fill whole sheet with a chart, copy data to second file

This was a fast :-). 

On Mon, 08 Oct 2007 16:38:29 +1000
Hal Ashburner <hal ashburner info> wrote:

On Mon, 2007-10-08 at 08:28 +0200, Wen wrote:
Hi list,
I already sent this mail without being member of the list three days ago. As I subscribed to the list now 
and I got a third question I also send my first two questions again. Sorry for the possible double 

Is there an easy way in gnumeric to delete double entries, so that

Row A       Row B
1   3
1   3
4   7
4   9
4   9
4   9


1   3
4   7
4   9

Hi Wen,
Data->Filter->Advanced Filter
then check unique records only.

Is one of way of doing this pretty quickly.

I will try that.

Second question: 
Is there a possibility to make a chart fill a whole sheet (like in excel)?

I don't think so. Yet. :)

Ok, not very import. Got to say that the programmers really did good work on the charts dialog. Far better to 
work with than the way excel does it.

Third question:
I am not able to copy data via Str+c and Str+v from one gnumeric-file to the other. Only within one file. 
How can I copy to another gnumeric-file?
I am working with gnome 2.14 (debian etch) and gnumeric 1.6.3.

I am using 1.6.3 on debian with no problems in this regard.
Can you provide some more details? A minimal set of steps that you can
use to get copy & paste between files to fail. (Including if possible
the data) and your locale that would be pretty useful.

Hmm, after doing all my data-imports twice yesterday because I (thought I) wasn't able to copy from one file 
to another, now it works perfectly.
I will provide more details if I will see this again. If not, I was just too tired.

One more question:
When importing data from an external data-file gnumeric always writes the data into a new file and not into 
the gnumeric-file in which I opened the import-dialog (via data-> get external data). Is there a way to 
import data directly to the already existing file?

Thanks a lot,

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