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My guess is you could find them in the source tree. However, the fact that your site lists neither source, attributions, nor licensing conditions for each icon makes me nervous, and the CC declaration you have on the page clearly (to me as a developer) cannot extend to all the icons but may lead people to believe that it does. I would strongly encourage you to rectify this situation before adding additional icons, as you may potentially be violating licenses (legal issues!), and further, people may become offended if you take "their work" without asking, attribution, or adherence to their license of choice.

(Example: I am the creator of the AbiWord icon shown there, however, that was not an icon distributed with a license (it's not the one in the source tree) and so though I may/probably will release it as GPL, it was not identified as such. At least a request for clarification about license terms (or a notice that it was "contributed" to a GPL project) would be prudent or perhaps necessary, and I see no license terms attached there. Further, it is a registered trademark, and this is not noted anywhere on your site. While I certainly don't want to create ill will, I also want you to acknowledge the sources, creators, licenses, and perhaps a location for updated icons on your resource so it does not fall to a legal challenge or become useless over time.)


adding svgicons o7a net wrote:

Realizing how it was strenuous to find software svg icons on the web whereas they are more and more used on 
desktop environments, me and some other linux user decided to create a small site listing them. was born.

However, find them in order to add them on the site is ... strenuous ? Often impossible because they are 
simply not given by their creators.

I'm currently searching for the official version of the Gnumeric svg icon but without success...

That's why I contact you : If you have, could you give us the Gnumeric icon in a vectorial format ?

Thanks for your attention and sorry for my bad English,
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