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If we're opening the floor to wishlist functions, that might be developed during the next cycle (or not), I want to add my two cents. I generally support the addition of these functions as well.

I'd like a resolution of the row/column limitations if possible. What I would like is having a sensible default (say the current one), and an option to open up to an obscene number of rows (which I've had occasion to do).
I realize that this may not be so simple, but I hope it is doable. It might also solve a problem that after shifting the values and compiling, Gnumeric opens the new maximum by default, which seems to slow it down (even when almost all cells are empty).

That's it for now.


Uri David

On 4/30/07, Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org> wrote:
On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 08:43:07AM +1000, Peter Wills wrote:
> I just wanted to comment on what I think is a terrific spreadsheet
> which in many ways is better than Excel however it lacks the
> following features which I use regularly in my spreadsheets as a
> Business Consultant & Adviser.

Thanks for your input.  Getting suggestions from power spreadsheet
users certainly helps steer priorities.

> No Spelling function
Interesting, this would be fairly simple to add but I've been
hesistant to drag in yet another dependency, and have always
disliked redlining in spreadsheets.  Especially in some of the
competition where any string with a short form or name ends up as a
spelling error.

> No support for Conditional Formatting.  I have read that it is in the
> code but does not have GUI support.
That's correct.  As noted in another response the limiting factor is
finding a better UI.  I'll have to evaluate some of the extensions
in Office 2007.  They point in a somewhat different direction than
the old approach, and may suggest a better interface.  In the mean
time, if there's anyone out there with some design flare and a
knowledge of what conditional formats are ... proposals are welcome.

> No Pivot Tables.  This is one of the most advanced and practical
> features of Excel that I use on a regular basis in the analysis of
> data.  You don't have to be "power user" to benefit from this
> feature.  Once you use it you wonder you got along without it.

They're underdevelopment.  No where near ready for use though.
Current working title is 'DataSlicer' (MS trademarked pivottable)

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