GNU package maintenance: gnumeric

Have I reached Gnumeric List?

I'm sending you this message on behalf of the GNU Project because
you're listed as the maintainer of the GNU package gnumeric.  We would
like to verify that you're still there, and still reachable at the
address we have, gnumeric-list gnome org 

If all of that is correct, please just reply to this message.
That will confirm that you got it, that you're still maintaining
this package, and that the address we used is still good.

If you are no longer maintaining the package, or your preferred
email address has changed, or there's anything else you think we should
know, please send mail to maintainers gnu org so we can update our

We'd also like to collect package maintainers' postal addresses and
phone numbers, so that if email addresses stop working, we have some
backup.  Would you please mail that contact information to
maintainers gnu org so we can note it down?

If you have any news or questions regarding your GNU package,
please let us know.  maintainers gnu org is the address for that too.

Thanks for contributing to GNU, and happy hacking.

Karl Berry
Assistant Chief GNUisance

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