Re: reload (refresh) a file

Le vendredi 02 mars 2007 à 11:01 -0500, Sam Steingold a écrit :
a common pattern in my work is that I have a program generate a CSV 
file, which I load into Gnumeric (or OO calc) to examine; then the file 
is regenerated and reexamined and so on and so forth ad nauseatum.
OO calc has a File->Reload menu item (which asks me for a confirmation 
to discard my edits), but gnumeric does not, so I have to manually close 
the file (confirming discarding my edits) and re-open it (finding it in 
the file browser &c).
it would be nice if gnumeric also had a Reload memu item.

You should open an enhancement request at

Best regards,

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