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On Tue, 2007-19-06 at 12:25 -0500, Browder, Tom wrote:
And I also notice that a valid Excel xml file (according to MS Excel)

I assume you mean a file that MS Excel opens. (This is 
different from a valid MS Excel xml File.)

OK, you're correct, but Excel opens the xml file Ok--I haven't tried
xmllint on it (good idea).

So if A1:B2 are merged and B2:C3 are merged how is that 
supposed to be understood? THe screen real estate 
corresponding to B2 can only belong to one of those two merged 
cell regions.

Hm, at first thought I would report the problem (maybe in a log file)
and ignore one or both of the overlapping merge areas (I know it may not
be that easy).  But I believe some attempt should be made to continue
(perhaps also suggest the user use xmllint on the file).


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