Re: windows documentation testing

Hi Jody et al.

Ideally people would look for formatting errors, and missing
figures.  However, editorial input would not be ignored :-)

Since apparently I'm the only Gnumeric for Windows user :) here is some input about the help file

1) Credits, License, Revision history/What's New and Table of Contents should be in separate pages

2) Under section Graphics... Restacking Graphical Elements is this warning "The stacking of graphical elements in version 1.3 of Gnumeric is currently not working correctly" which is probably outdated or if not should refer to version 1.6 or 1.7

3) Under Configuring Gnumeric, Languages and Locales you could probably use the instructions in my previous email to this list. Also, as mentioned by Ryan there is no need for the "gnumeric &" bit under Windows

4) Under Files in Gnumeric there is this warning "Files can be deleted using a file browser such as Nautilus on the GNOME desktop or using the command-line program rm". You should add (or replace) a reference to Windows Explorer and the del command line (maybe this is too geeky :) )

This was just a quick browse. I couldn't find any empty spaces (missing figures) or odd formatting.


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