Re: Graph trendlines - a question.

On 7/4/2007, "Gareth.J.Martin" <eclipsing binary virgin net> wrote:
     I've only recently started using Gnumeric (Windows, v1.7.10) and
have found it to be a brilliant programme to use. I frequently use it to
analyse river flow data. The first time I applied a power law trend to
some plotted data the equation that I was presented with was not what
I've learnt is power law (in the form a=bQ^c). My Maths isn't too
brilliant but I was just wondering if I was at fault (morelikely!) or
this is something to do with Gnumeric. I've searched the manuals but can
find no mention of this. Thanks for any help and assistance you can offer.

Can you tell us what you saw and what you expected?

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