Change in goffice graph file format


During my recent work on graph fill support for xy and polar plots, it
came clearly (at least for me:) ) that the interpolation property in
GogStyle is out of place, and should be put in GogSeries. I'd like to do
the move, but if I do that, that would mean a file format change, since
GogStyle properties are handled differently than the other GogObjet
properties. I guess it's not an issue for gnumeric, since we have not
yet released a stable version that uses this property. But that would
break other applications that already use the goffice 0.4 version (and
use also the interpolation property, of course).

So, any comments ?



(I've published the state of my work on fill support here:;a=shortlog;h=fill-new

For this work, I've added a fill-type property to Gogseries, which is 
similar in scope to interpolation property.).

Emmanuel PACAUD
Groupe Virgo
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9, chemin de Bellevue - BP 110
74941 Annecy-le-Vieux CEDEX
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