Re: drop lines in charts


Le lundi 02 juillet 2007 à 15:03 -0400, Marlon a écrit :
I'm not sure if this is a bug report or a feature request.

When I add a horizontal drop line to a chart where the y-axis has been
positioned high (on the right), the drop line still drops to low,
which doesn't seem right to me. 

Right. It's known bug. There's already a comment in the source code
regarding this issue. But feel free to fill a bug report on

I think the drop line should "drop" to the associated axis.

I'm working on adding fill support for xy and polar plots, and faced the
same issue: how to close the fill area ? I've choosen to add a combo box
and let the user select either bottom, top, y-origin, left, right,
x-origin in the xy plot case and center, origin, edge for the polar plot
case. A similar solution could work for the drop lines. The relationship
between the axis line position and the drop line origin is not that

Can this be fixed?

Sure, but to the question when, I have no idea...



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