Re: New Gnumeric icon

As a note regarding that, using png2ico (found here: ) would probably be a useful step as well as you can combine the multiple size versions into a single file in the format that Windows desires for icons. I use it for my AbiWord icons on Windows.


Ivan, Wong Yat Cheung wrote:
Hi Vinicius,

Looks great! Could you mind to make an icon collection for the Windows version of Gnumeric as well? i.e. icons with 1-bit transparent mask. I remember there're some users complaining about the icons on win32 which don't look very great...


Vinicius Depizzol wrote:
Hello again,

After some time, I finished all sizes of Gnumeric icon, including 16x16.

Take a look in Tango Fridays page[1] or directly:



On 12/14/06, Uri David Akavia <uridavid akavia gmail com> wrote:
Personally, I like the one with the purple better (the default colors).
Very high contrast, and clear.

Very good job.

Uri David

On 12/13/06, Vinicius Depizzol <vdepizzol gmail com> wrote:
Following the new Gnome Icon Theme, Tango Desktop Project is
creating[1] a lot of icons for applications that doesn't  use the
newer guidelines.

I created Gnumeric icon according to the actual[2] and this is the result:

- Graph on center:
- First row/col darker:
- Graph with default colors of Gnumeric:

What do you think? Comments?


Vinicius Depizzol
vdepizzol gmail com
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