Re: Strings in gnumeric: implementing a gawk pipeline

Changing the behaviour of search functions is not a good idea as
some spreadsheets surely depend on the existing, hopefully Excel
compatible, behaviour.

That leaves you pretty much four options:

1. Write your own plugin with search functions that do what you
   want.  That's actually not too hard, but is not a generally
   useful option.

2. Wait for us to implement scripting.  That's basically what you
   need here.

3. Write a plugin that allows you to feed a range to a script and read
   the converted range from the output.  The best way for that
   probably is to file an enhancement request at
   as the details probably should be spec'd out with some care.

4. Write a script that reads and produces Gnumeric's xml format.
   That's not too hard either.


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