Re: spell checker ?

Spell checking I think is standard in firefox 2. It is quite useful in
the web browser if you write lots of text in forms for web pages.

Spell checking in spreadsheets would be quite irritating for me. But
then I use spreadsheets to manipulate data rather than author data for
the most part. And having spell check tell me that morgado is actually
orgasmed is not what I want if morgado is a name and my particular
application is not case sensitive.

I find the little hints that excel gives me in office 2003 infuriating.
I am often using a spreadsheet as a calculation sheet, and may be making
 alterations to a formula in one cell in a column and the little
lighting bolt or whatever that tells me there may be a problem with the
formula in the cell is an unwanted distraction.

Perhaps a spell check module would be useful to some in gnumeric, but
not to most I wouldn't think. A spreadsheet is not a place for prose.

Richard Nagle wrote:
Hey Andreas,
Thought I would provide you with a link, in which you could install a
spell checker,
if need be.

As, for Gnumeric spreadsheet, in this day and age... it would be more
to have one, than not...aka : time-saving and time is money...
do that for 100's of files a day... please.


On 1/11/07, *Andreas J. Guelzow* < aguelzow taliesin ca
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    On Thu, 2007-11-01 at 12:48 -0500, Richard Nagle wrote:
    > Even firefox has spell checking...
    > can someone add aspell plugin ? or sort..

    At a minimum you would need to provide some persuasive arguments why a
    spreadsheet program should have a spell checker.

    The usefulness of a spell checker in gnumeric eludes me. (And my copy of
    firefox does not have a spell checker and I would not see a use for it

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